People who have been there

We asked practical nursing candidates from across Canada to share their experience of using NursEd CPNRE® tools. Here’s what they had to say:

“Thank you for creating NursEd. It helped me tremendously! Using the Comprehensive Review book helped me narrow down topics and questions that were important. The exam tactics and practice questions were very similar and relevant to the CPNRE®, so when I was reading questions on the actual exam I was more confident answering them because I was familiar with them in the Comprehensive Review. I recently got my results back and I couldn’t be happier with it. I have already recommended NursEd to many of my friends currently studying for their exams – T.S.


“NursEd taught me how to answer tough questions on the CPNRE®. The Comprehensive Review book provides helpful information and a good summary of what we need to know for this exam. NursEd helped me become more confident and answer questions without guessing” – S.R.


The Comprehensive Review was easy to read and relevant to the CPNRE®. I found it difficult to find concise and relevant information in any other textbook. The Comprehensive Review simplified complicated nursing concepts and made them much easier to understand. It helped me feel more confident in my knowledge and abilities and more aware of how the exam is structured by teaching me about the kinds of questions I should expect to see. I would recommend the CPNRE® Comprehensive Review to every Canadian practical nursing candidate and think it should be published and available in bookstores. My advice for anyone writing the CPNRE® is to take the time needed to review the content of the exam. Nursing is a broad field, and it can be overwhelming to try to cover everything in a short period of time. – S. H.


The information provided in the CPNRE® Comprehensive Review was so helpful. I’ve failed the CPNRE® twice before and I’m feeling much more confident writing the exam this time with the help of NursEd. – M. A.