Nursing is a platform of opportunity, but the process of becoming a nurse and the work of nursing is anything but easy.

Gillian Elmes, the founder of NursEd, helps future and current nurses get better at overcoming the obstacles that get in the way of being the people they want to be, and doing work that matters to them and the people they hope to care for.

Gillian is a Canadian primary health care nurse practitioner, writer, teacher and entrepreneur. She began volunteering in a long term care facility at age 12, and at age 16 she founded The Senioritas, a youth-led home care company for older adults. In 2001 she was named Volunteer of the Year by Ontario’s Ministry of Health & Long Term Care.

Gillian consults and speaks with future and current nurses, entrepreneurs, freelancers and leaders who want to see differently, to overcome obstacles, to do meaningful work, to speak up and lead. Gillian helps people to be compassionate with themselves, and become who they’re meant to be, instead of who they think they’re supposed to be. And she helps people learn how to build successful, fulfilling careers they don’t need to escape from.

Every year, we spend billions of dollars on nursing education and health care globally. Every year, we teach thousands of nurses in developed countries to react to the marketplace and do the physically and emotionally exhausting downstream work of acute care. And every year, thousands of nurses burnout and leave the profession.

What if instead of trying to find ways for nurses to like their work, we could help nurses do work they love?

For over one hundred years, we’ve believed that hospital work was the safest and best way to make a living as a nurse. That’s changing.

Today’s nurses want to do work that matters to them and the people they care for.

If you want to inquire about hiring Gillian to teach and encourage your audience, email her at gillian@nursEd.ca. For more information, check out speaking FAQ here.