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Nursing & education made better

Since 2017, NursEd has been giving nursing students and nurses what they want and need: valuable information that makes nursing better.

But it's not for everyone.

NursEd is for people who want to grow. It's for people who aren't happy with the status quo. People who want to overcome obstacles and do meaningful work. People who want to see the world the way it is and learn how to dance with the fear of making a difference.

NursEd is committed to helping people become nurses & helping nurses do work they love.

Our vision is to make nursing education a right, not a privilege, and transform how future and current nurses learn, what they learn and the work they do, to help make nursing better for nurses and health care better for the people they care for.

Today’s nurses need different knowledge and skills to succeed

Shaping the future of nursing & education

Before the Internet, information was hard to find, and textbooks, in-person classes and far away conferences were important ways of getting scarce information to the masses. But often, these ways of teaching fail to consider how people learn and what nurses need to work in today's world.

We believe the best education is the kind that teaches people to see differenty, to do meaningful work, to solve real problems and make change happen. That's why our goal with NursEd is to offer accessible, inspiring and relevant information, tools and tactics to help nursing students and nurses make better decisions for themselves and the people they serve.

Who’s behind NursEd?

Gillian Elmes is the founder of NursEd. She is a primary health care nurse practitioner, writer, teacher and entrepreneur.

In 2017, she built NursEd to transform nursing education and the work of nursing to help nurses do work that matters to them and make health care better. Her goal is to help future and current nurses be more compassionate with themselves and others and make choices reflecting who they are and what the world needs. Gillian focuses on overcoming obstacles, leadership, courage and finding purpose in our work, and inspires people from around the world.

You can connect with Gillian directly at or you can follow her by subscribing to the blog, or by reading re-tweets of the blog on FaceBook, Twitter or Medium.