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At NursEd, we teach people how to do nursing education and registration exam prep in ways that work. Since September 2008 we’ve been developing a collection of tools to help nursing students - and nurses succeed in the world today. Since 2017 we help people prepare for nursing registration exams in a way that’s effective, saves time, boosts knowledge, improves exam scores, and kick starts remarkable careers.

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The easiest way to learn these days is online. And the smartest way to learn is by getting just the information you need, when you need it.

Transform how you prepare.

With NursEd, you’ll spend less time and effort figuring out what you need to know for your registration exam. And more time learning what actually matters. NursEd gives you valuable information that will help you more easily prepare for – and write your exam.

Get started. Keep up. And go further.

Whether you’re just starting to prepare, or your planning to re-write your exam - we’ve got you covered. Free information added weekly to our blog can help you begin conquering the information needed for success on your exam and as a nurse in the world today.

The Science is Simple

CPNRE Prep Made Easy.

Our CPNRE Comprehensive Review Series teaches you what’s covered on the CPNRE, and valuable information to help you answer questions on this exam. Our Multiple Choice Practice Questions and Flash Cards take it a step further so you can practice applying what you know. But if you don’t know what you need, maybe you need some one-on-one help to guide you in the right direction.